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Five agreements were concluded last week in Pleternica for five European projects worth HRK 148 million. Grants in the amount of HRK 125 million were withdrawn by the Požega-Slavonia County and the cities of Pakrac, Lipik and Kutjevo.

The most valuable contract

The vice-president of the Croatian Government and the Minister of Finance, Zdravko Marić, handed over the Terme Lipik Project’s contract to the mayor of Lipik, Vinko Kasana. The Terme Lipik Project comprises three components: the Interpretation Centre Zinke Villa, Public Baths and Spa Garden. The project actually encompasses the restoration of nearly the entire Lipik Park, reconstruction of Zinke Villa (the Villa of Good Water), in which Lipik’s thermal heritage will be interpreted in an innovative way, accompanied by modern technologies and the reconstruction and equipping of Public Baths, where visitors will experience thermal therapies in a wellness environment. The holder of the project is the Town of Lipik, and the project partners are Lipik Spa and the Lipik Tourist Board. The total value of the project is HRK 73 million, and grants amount to almost HRK 62 million.

“This is the most valuable contract we have yet signed, and it refers to the development of tourism in Lipik. The Government has recognized our needs, as well as the fact that Lipik is a tourist town and I am sure that, after this project’s implementation, many positive things will happen for our town”, pointed out Mr. Kasana.
The holder of this project is the Town of Lipik, and the project’s partners are the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Lipik and the Lipik Tourist Board. Employees of the Municipal Administration, Lipik Spa and development agencies LIRA and PANORA participated in the preparation of the project.

Restoration of the Spa Garden

The importance of the Terme Lipik Project lies in its close connection with tourism. The Project surreptitiously positions Lipik on a map of tourist destinations where our town used to be, which is a well-deserved accomplishment. With the Interpretation Centre in Zinke Villa we will get a multifunctional hall for tourism presentations and presenting water-related attractive content – something truly unique in Croatia. The Spa Garden and Public Baths restorations have the same importance. Those are the three valuable elements which will visually complete the look of the town, as well as the tourist offer”, emphasized Kasana.

It should be mentioned that the Town of Lipik is one of the partners of Požega-Slavonia County for the project “Geothermal Springs of Požega-Slavonia County”, which, among other things, refers to the preparation of project and technical documentation for the heating pipeline system in Lipik. The total value of the project is HRK 1.9 million, out of which HRK 1.6 million come from a grant.