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Zinke Villa

Revival of Zinka Villa

The Terme Lipik Project has revived the tourist potential of Zinke Villa, through the construction of the Interpretation Centre of Thermal Springs Heritage of the town of Lipik, the Villa of Good Water. The Villa of Good Water celebrates the local culture of aquatherapy through a modern and enticing interpretation and presentation, conveying the story of the identity, tradition and uniqueness of Lipik. The Interpretation Centre gathers and keeps collections of items related to the thermal heritage of Lipik, the Lipizzaner stud farm, glass production and water bottling plant.

On the ground floor of the Villa of Good Water there will be an entrance area with a souvenir shop, offices for employees, a coffee bar and a themed children’s playroom. In the basement and on the first floor there are two permanent museum exhibitions: “The World in a Drop of Water” and “The Golden Age of Lipik”.

Through five interactive exhibits “The world in a drop of water” tells the story of water – what it is and how it is formed and how thermal waters are formed; visitors can learn about water circulation in nature, the impact of water on man and nature, and different states of matter and movements of water. The majority of exhibits are multi-sensory installations that invite visitors to interact and learn, and are displayed through the state-of-the-art multimedia and IT solutions.

Exhibitions, art installations and much more

On the other hand, the exhibition “Golden Age of Lipik” is an open space in which the scenography and art installations depicting Lipik in the 19th century will be displayed. The emphasis in this art exhibition is on the historical presentation of the city in the context of its thermal heritage, from prehistory, antiquity and the Middle Ages, through the first rulers of the Lipik region who valorised Lipik’s thermal water, to the cultural growth of Lipik as a tourist centre in the pre-war Europe of the 20th century.

The art exhibition comprises nine interactive exhibits that will create new experiences for visitors. The specific landscape of the public garden, which was the focal point of the entire Lipik – Wandelbahn, will serve as the initial scenography. Walking through it, visitors will be able to enjoy a virtual 19-century train ride, get an old-fashioned photo of an authentic photographer from the same period, learn about the history of Lipik, visit Kursalon and try gambling, dancing or playing, take a carriage ride through Lipik and much more.

On the second floor there is a multifunctional hall of 345 square meters. It is intended for a wide range of events such as presentations, workshops, concerts, plays, exhibitions and art residencies. The capacity of the hall is 100 to 120 seats, and the facility will be fully adapted to people with reduced mobility and with hearing and visual impairments.

Project value: HRK 27.653.125,00


Stjepan Lončarić, graduate architect – Lončarić-Planić d.o.o. Zagreb
Ivica Leder, graduate architect – Arhitektura Leder d.o.o., Velika Gorica
Dragana Lucija Ratković Aydemir – Muze d.o.o., Zagreb
Jelena Devčić, graduate architect, Valentino Dražić Celić – Kocka 26, Šibenik
Zlatko Jelačić – Smart AudioVisual d.o.o. Zagreb


HM PATRIA d.o.o., Zagreb
Presoflex gradnja d.o.o., Požega

Construction supervision:

Project supervision: Ivica Leder, graduate architect – Arhitektura Leder d.o.o., Velika Gorica
Professional supervision: SB INVEST d.o.o., Slavonski Brod; IVNE GRAĐEVINA d.o.o., Zagreb
Supervision of equipping and implementation of facilities in the Villa of Good Water: Jelena Devčić, graduate architect – Ivictus consulting d.o.o., Šibenik

Project status:

Construction work began on 4 May 2017, when the basement of the facility was built. Continuation of work began in March 2021.

Current status:

The construction of structural parts of the building is in progress.