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Public baths

Restoration of Public Baths

In the golden age of Lipik, most of the buildings in the town centre were built for the noblesse, including the majority of the baths, but the Public Baths were intended for the plebs. Lipik suffered great destruction during the Croatian War of Independence, in which most of the buildings were damaged, including the Public Baths, which is also the oldest spa facility in the landscaped public garden.

Public Baths are one of the few facilities within the Lipik Spa that have not yet been renovated, but the Terme Lipik Project includes the reconstruction and equipping of the facility, which will provide wellness therapies to visitors. Apart from the rehabilitation, the Public Baths will also be used through the cultural and tourist activities, which will further enrich the offer and services of the Lipik Spa.

Revival of the historical heritage of Lipik

Interpretive themes within the Public Baths are primarily related to the history of Lipik and the Lipik thermal complex. The renovation of the entire project unit, which, in addition to the Public Baths, includes Zinke Villa – Villa of Good Water and Spa, will create a new tourist potential that enables the interpretation of the part of the rich Lipik history using modern interpretation tools, allow visits to the site for all visitors, and improve the system for managing and promoting this tourist destination.

Reconstruction and equipping of the Public Baths facility will create contents that will be used to present thermo-mineral water using the modern multimedia equipment, as a continuation of the presentation of the interpretive content of the Villa of Good Water. Furthermore, visitors will be able to experience the presented material with all of their senses, through a historical display of treatment and rehabilitation with thermo-to mineral water in the facilities such as swimming pool, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, salt room and massage area.

Project value: HRK 10.577.155,42


Professor Boris Koružnjak, MSc, graduate architect – University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, Institute for Architecture, Zagreb


Šprajc THD d.o.o., Slavonski Brod

Construction supervision:

Project supervision: Design supervision: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, Institute for Architecture, Zagreb
Professional supervision: Daing d.o.o., Daruvar
Archeologic supervision: ARTING d.o.o., Bjelovar

Project status:

Construction works started in March 2021.

Current status:

Reconstruction of structural parts of the building is in progress.